For Webmeister's notes on how to set up CustomA for use by the Scenario Editor, click here.
For notes on how to set up CustomA to run under the game, click here.
For ModScripts and the ModEnabler, click here.

(All of these notes are based on notes by Lars Lennort on 4/2/01 posted on the Tools and Mods board.)
Webmeister's Notes

These notes are sufficient to use the Scenario Editor to edit the scenarios of your new campaign.
They are not sufficient to permit you to run the campaign, either under the Scenario Editor or under Panzer Elite itself.
I have not been able to get anyone on the PE newsgroup to tell me how to get the Scenario Editor to test-run a 'CustomA' scenario.

Choose a name for your campaign. Use 'CustomA', 'CustomB', or 'CustomC'. For these instructions, we will assume that you are creating new campaign 'CustomA' and using as a starting basis the 'Normandy' campaign.

Copy all your .RRFs. This can be done by copying the '\Normandy_Obj\' folder and then renaming it to '\CustomA\'. Note that the new folder is NOT named '\CustomA-Obj\'.

In folder '\EditDirs\ScenEdDat\TexSets\' copy the 7 'NormandyS*.*' files (5 .BMPs, and 2 .TXSs) to 'CustomA*.*' (NOT 'CustomAS*.*')

Now make a new folder under '\Projects\' named '\CustomA\'. Into this new folder you can copy scenario files (.DFP, .MGS, .OBS, .SCN, .SCP, and .TXT) from '\Normandy\'. You will then have to edit the .DFP files to make the 'texsets' line point to the 'CustomA.txs' file you made just above. You do not have to edit the .SCN files to use 'CustomA' campaign. The first time you save the .SCN file, the change will be made automatically.

In folder '\Texture\' copy all the Normandy*.TLB and Normandy*.BMP files (6 .BMPs and 6 .TLBs) naming them 'CustomA*.*'. For example: 'Normandy1.TLB' is copied to 'CustomA1.TLB', and 'Normandy1_8.BMP' is copied to 'CustomA1_8.BMP'.

In folder '\EditDirs\TexGnDat\GrndTex\' copy the three 'NormandyS.*' files (a .BMP, a .TAT, and a .TGP) to 'CustomA.*' (NOT 'CustomAS.*') and the three 'NormandySMap.*' files (a .BMP, a .TAT, and a .TGP) to CustomAMap.*' (NOT 'CustomASMap.*').

You can now run the Scenario Editor, select 'CustomA' at startup, and edit your new scenarios.

You cannot, however, run your new scenarios, either under the Scenario Editor or under Panzer Elite itself.

Steps to prepare CustomA for running in the Game

(The rest of this is what I made out of Mr. Lennort's stuff, but I have not tried it and it is NOT complete.)

You must use the 1.08 Patch.

To use your new campaign in PE, go to file \Data\PE_MENUSYSTEM.INI. In chunk [MenuSystem] near the bottom, change the line 'Switch Enable_Custom_Campaigns=0' to 'Switch Enable_Custom_Campaigns=1'.

In folder '\Panzer Elite\Desert\Menus\' .MEN files must exist.
I do not know what their names have to be or what they must have in them.


But patch 1.08b does more for the mod developer. The new PanzerElite.exe has a mod script interface. So when the 'Enable_ModScripts' parameter is set then you can make a program in the main PE folder with the name 'ModScript_XXX' and 'ModRestore_XXX' where XXX stands for your campaign mod: 'Normandy', 'Desert', 'CustomA', etc. You can use .BAT, .COM or .EXE programs to modify other PE data you like. Use the 'ModScript_XXX.XXX' to modify and 'ModRestore_XXX.XXX' to restore the old PE version.

When programs with these names exist in the main PE folder and the parameter is set, then PE will run the 'ModScript_XXX.XXX' program before the render engine starts, and after the render engine quits, 'ModRestore_XXX.XXX' will be started. The only thing you cannot modify with this solution is the unitdata. But there is also a simple way to do this. Make a .BAT file and before PE (Panzer_Elite.exe) was started copy your own unitdata set and when PE ends restore the old one.


To make these steps easier we [at PEDG] developed the ModEnabler. This program comes with a programming Script Engine. We made it for our Snow/Night Mod. When it is finished, every mod maker can use it to write his own scripts .

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