Wings Simulations GmbH
   Wings Simulations was founded in 1996 by two industry veterans: Heiko Schröder and Teut Weidemann. Both were active in various parts of the industry since 1987 and decided to develop games for international publishers.
   Wings currently consists of 10 employees and 7 contractors. The lead people of Wings are:

Heiko Schröder
   Heiko started earning money by programming at the early age of 16. His first game was published in 1987, but his first real hit was in 1989 with X-Out, which sold in excess of 120,000 copies in Europe. Due to his continual involvement with all aspects of the industry, Heiko was able to expand his multiple talents to cover games, multimedia, machine interfaces and hardware programming.
   Besides motorcycling, Heiko's hobbies include flying airplanes. His dream is to (finally..) program a flight simulator (a dream obviously reflected in the name of this company).
Teut Weidemann
   Teut was one of the first people in Germany to actually hold a job as a game designer/producer. In 1987, he become development director of Softgold and Rainbow Arts, which at that time was the largest developer/publisher in Germany.
   During his 3-1/2 years with Softgold and Rainbow Arts, he oversaw more than 32 released titles. Some of them were his designs as well. Most titles ran on the Amiga, and you may remember some of them: Katakis, Denaris, X-Out, R-Type (conversion), Spherical, M.U.D.S., and Conqueror. The latter was his first 3d tank game (programmed and designed by Jonathan Griffiths). Nearly 10 years later he returned to the theme and designed Panzer Elite, which is being published by Psygnosis.
   You can meet Teut as "Skeeve[MiM]" on Chesapeake in Ultima Online (the only game he still plays).
Markus Oberrauter
   Having taught himself programming, Markus created his first game, Strike Base (a 3D Voxel based action game), all by himself. He was discovered over CompuServe by Wings. Since then he has become well known as one of the best Direct3D programmers in Germany (having created many benchmarks for magazines). He is responsible for the scenario editor, the 3Dfx and Direct3D Version, and the AI of Panzer Elite. You'll be able to read about how difficult but finally rewarding the AI work was in an upcoming article in the "Developer Journal".
   Markus's hobbies are his car and lately his girlfriend.
Eric Cochonneau
   Having a fascination for French artists, Teut hired Eric as soon as he saw his first work. "French artists don't create graphics for a game, they create art" is Teut's favorite quote as to why French artists always seem to be better than their counterparts.
   Eric studied art in France and worked in all parts of the world until his girlfriend locked him down in Germany. Eric is lead artist of Panzer Elite and has created all aspects of the art guidelines of the game.
   His hobbies are skateboarding, computer graphics, music composing and mixing. You can learn more about him at his "Celteric Pixel Realm" web site.
Matthias Siedlaczek
   As the lead scenario designer and researcher "Sidi" is responsible for all landscape data and scenario content decisions, and the guidelines for scenario design. He also created the unit database and our first Tiger plastic model with a full interior. After getting red eyes from the heightmap creation he is now lost in playing with our AI for the scenario design.
   Matthias was recently (finally) married, and he hopes he'll still have time to actually play Panzer Elite even when his wife demands some time, too.
Celal Kandemiroglu
   Celal is originally from Turkey and has been busy in the German gaming industry for years. He has created most of the covers of "old" games coming from Germany and has created enough pictures on his own that he can pull out one for any theme.
   Having started at a young age as a comic illustrator, he has also created covers for LP's, Videos, CD's and many computer magazines. Celal recently gave up his freelance work to join Wings full time. He now puts his full effort into creating cockpits of the player tanks.
   Since Celal has too many hobbies to mention (all of which involve creating artwork), we refer the reader to our screenshots.
Christian Rogge
   Christian joined Wings in August of last year. He's working on the front end, the campaign system, and the campaign menu/animation system.
   Christian is our C++ freak. He can't understand anybody who still codes in C or who doesn't consider using C++ for everything. He is also a true games freak. His vacation request reads: "Whenever Zelda64 comes out".
   Christian spends most of his time playing games (when he isn't busy violating speed limits on his bike in Hattingen).
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