Global Settings
The Global settings should be set as the first thing when you edit the scenario content.

Name Briefmap:     
Automatic set by language you save
Name of Scenario. This name appears in the game!
The chance which variation is being choosen (combat groups got variation settings)
The filename of the birefing map. Will be set automatically (scenarionamemap.bmp)
Historical date & time of scenario (important for time events!) and
Timelimit of scenario. Be careful with short time limits, but some scenarios should offer it
Load/Save Language:     
Edit Messages:
You can re-edit the messages and text files and save them under another language
You can edit the messages which can be send by events or scripts.

These boxes let you edit the texts which are part of the briefings. The various groups are:

Mission Goals Text
This is the text which is first displayed before the briefing, the Introduction of the scenario.

Mission Briefing Text
The briefing itself. Refer to the briefing commands how the briefing must be edited.

Mission Aid Text
The text which the ADC gives you as hints and tips for the scenario.

Mission Success Text
If the mission is completed successfully this text should conclude the introduction (Goals Text) to describe what happens.

Mission Failure Text
If the mission fails, you can describe the grim circumstances under which the player loses...

Updated 9/28/00