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From: Teut Weidemann (8/7/00)

Sorry for my late answer, I just returned from my little family vacation. Let me explain:

We developed PE for Psygnosis, which payed us advances against royalities for it. Those advances payed our development fees and some. Only if Psygnosis sells so many units that the accumulated royalities become larger than the advance they payed us we get more money. Usually that would mean selling more than 168.000 units.

6 weeks after PE release Psygnosis closed down their pan european operation. 4 weeks later the distributor GT Interactive was sold to Infogrames, which stopped selling Pe.

4 weeks later Psygnosis closed down their US office, essentually making Psygnosis a company with one employee: a lawyer. At this time Activison stopped ordering and distrbuting PE.

Since release we never got additional money from Psygnosis. All support, this website was financed by Wings. Usually tech support should be Psygnosis task, we did it for them as they were unable to. We continued supporting it from our own pockets although we never get additional money. As PE never reached the breakeven we wont see additional money anyhow.

So what now? We need to earn money by developong our next title. I dont think another publisher would like to see us spending their money on a product (PE) which has been released by a competitor. Only if the publisher sees advantages we can do so: If we get the rights back we can rerelease the game and this generate more money, thus investing in patches, add ons etc.

Got it? Its simple. PE's fate isn't the only one, look at Looking Glass, same story. It isnt dead, its sleeping, and we try to wake it up.