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A Panzer Elite mission made from the scratch
A Step by Step tutorial

McDrum & Peticazes S.L. Panzer Elite World is an Internet site dedicated to Panzer Elite (PE), the best WWII tank simulator in the sim market  ever made (until June 2000, at least). The author of PE  is  Wings, a small company located in Germany.

This document is a tutorial, dedicated to the art of making Panzer Elite missions from the scratch, using the Panzer Elite's Scenario Editor (SCENED), the same professional tool the autors of PE did use to build the game's missions and campaigns. In this tutorial you will learn a technique to build PE scenarios and missions, starting from the scratch, this is to say, only from the mission idea and the SCENED tools.

In  our web site  , you will find, also, a steb by step tutorial about the remaking of scenarios. Remaking here means build missions from existing scenarios and landscape data.

This tutorial would not be possible without the help of many fellow tankers and friends, and this is the place to give credit to them:

   Steve, from PEDG. I hope to be able of help him in future PE scenarios to be released through PEDG teamwork and quality control.
   Teut, the boss of Wings
   Jon Britton, from PEDG, helpful and friend
   The fellow tankers, whose post in the Tools&Moods  PE forum where so important in the difficcult task of deciphering the SCENED.

This tutorial is for you , the fellow tankers and PE simmers. Feel free of download, correct, publish, add or retouch, at your own will. The authors do not ask credit, recognition or any type of compensation for this document. McDrum & Peticazes are in no way linked to any commercial company. We are amateurs in the best meaning of the word.

English is not our first language, It is only our koine. We present in advance our apologies for the linguistic errors being perpetrated here.

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Tutorial: A Panzer Elite mission made from the Scratch