Mission Goals
We have 4 different types of goals:
Optional, completion will score full points
Must be completed to finish scenario
Gets bonus points/skills/Medals
Can't be seen by the player until he fullfills them (replay value)

We define 5 different types of tasks:
Player needs to destroy x% of the units of a CG or within an area
Player needs to identify x% of the units in a specified CG or area
x% of the units must survive until end of scenario
x% of the units of a CG need to arrive in a specified area
Specified area needs to be cleared of all enemy units

In order to give the player better chance to succeed a x% value can be entered. Reason is that if you give the player the task to clear an area a single soldier running around will prevent that mission goal from being completed. So use 90% as a max; on tough tasks you can lower that value.

To better identify mission goals you can enter a remark here. It's not being used in the game, only for better verification of the scenario.
In order to make those mission goals more interesting they should be described creatively in the briefing. A "Clear Area Village" can be described in the brief as:
- Conquer the village
- Search and destroy all units in village
- Some enemy is hiding in the village, find them and rout them out of the village!
The user should not get the impression that "only" 5 different tasks exist. Also think about combinations of mission goals like "Clear Area" and "CG need to Arrive in Area", meaning that if the player doesn't clear the area in time, the CG will never arrive in the area as well.

Combat Groups, Platoons and Units
To define a CG just rightclick on the nationalities flag. Give the CG a name. Note: The name is used as a reference, so make up your mind because changing it afterwards means trouble with scripts.
NOTE: The Player on the german side is Platoon Falke; on the American he is platoon Alpha. Complementary platoons are Bravo, Charly, Delta for the americans and Adler, Bussard, and Habicht for the Germans. Those names should be only used with platoons associated with the player and his goals. Secondary platoons with other goals (i.e. Only to create larger battlefields) can have any names, but remember, those are used in the game.

The variation settings come up. Checkmarking one means the combat group is active for that variation. Example: Only checking "B" means that combat group is only active for the scenario if variation B is being selected by the random generator.
Reinforcement means that the platoon is not visible until after a global event sets them into the game (see script commands).
Loaded Infantry means that the CG directly underneath the platoon is being loaded into. Basically it means the infantry is handled like a reinforment and will unload (be created) on command or on engage.
Score is the additional point value the player gets for destroying all elements of the platoon in ADDITION to the single units value. Set this value only for difficult platoons (ask Sidi for point values)

If you add a unit, the requester shows all available. Units which have mismatching availability dates (compared to the scenario settings date) will be displayed in red. An abreviated form of the main guns is displayed for better identification. For available modifications the checkmarks will light up. By default all units have 80% fuel and 80% ammo (i.e. They have driven there plus already fought).

Player Platoon
In order to define the player platoon set the combatgoup settings so that all variations are off (i.e. Uncheck ABC). Note that the display now shows "Player" in the platoons headline.
IMPORTANT: The side you define the player platoon in defines the nationality the player plays.

Updated 5/30/00