Programs should be installed in the order listed 
All files are self installing 

  1) Brit 44 Installation Program   (23 Megs)   Also found on the Panzer Elite Special Edition CD

  2) Brit44 Patch 1.04   (3.5 Megs) Patch 1.04 Readme

Optional Scenarios

  PEDG Scenarios (13 Megs)  Required for Multi-Player compatibility

  Hill 85 Scenario (2 Megs)

 Optional Items

  SAM Wolf Icons (2.3 Megs)

 British Voice Pack (6.3 Megs)

Normandy Graphics Pack    (38 Megs)

It is recommended that you disable ALL mods.  Delete the folder mods\Brit44, and reinstall Brit 44 from the files listed above
DO NOT use Joe's Particles version 2.2!!!!!!  Rather then ask Joe to remake his mod, I have made the necessary changes and included it in patch 1.04