MAY 2003

These following 2.0+ changes were based-upon/in-addition-to the already large list of changes I had made in version 1.2 and apply to all the different mod versions. Read the "Joe's Particle Readme" for a list and descriptions of what was added before these changes.


These 9 new Muzzle-Blasts are now used appropriately by the vehicles. Ones with brakes have gasses escaping from the sides as they should. Ones without have generally forward moving gasses only. Guns 75mm and over produce some residue smoke.

Multi shot MB (20Mil 3 round burst PanzerIIF)
Very Small (37mm Stuarts, BT-7 ect)
Small (50mm Panzer IIIH ect)
LV Medium (-75+mm Early Shermans ect)
HV Medium No Brake (75-85mm JagdPnz IV L/70, T34 ect)
HV Medium w\ Brake and Kicked up Dust (75mm low to ground such as Stugs)
HV Medium w\ Brake (75mm higher off ground Panther etc)
HV Large w\Brake (85+mm Tigers, Pershings etc)
X-Large No Brake (100+mm JagdTiger, ISU122 ect)

In addition these special Muzzle-Blasts have been created for individual mod versions.


The MG effect has been redone since V1.2.

Panzerfaust/Bazooka firing effect redone.


The four original HE explosions (SpHE, Sm, Med, Lg) have all been improved since V1.2 and these new HE effects have now been added since.

New very small HE for grenades and S-mines.

New Mortar artillery explosion. It's the most common artillery and deserves to be distinctive.

New XL explosion for -120+ HE rounds.

New XL Artillery explosion for -150+ HE rounds with chunks of earth flying up.

New XL Rocket HE for use by the SturmTiger and A/C.

Through refinement three new "Alternate" HE explosion effects with new sounds have also been added for extra variety.


The three AP impact effects (Sm, Med, Lg) have been improved to look much more realistic. Dust now settles down. These new effects have also been added.

New impact effect for rapid fire cannons like 20mil AA has been added.

New Very Small AP for use by 37mm cannons

New Quad impact for 20mil Flakverling.

Anti-tank Rifle impact and sound effect added for the mods that have them.

New MG impact effect that looks much more realistic than the previous one. All mods now have a bullet impact effect instead of the puff of grey smoke that most had used.


Foliage falling effect made more natural looking instead of the wall of green it had been in V1.2.

Building Debris improved.

Water hit given plume as well as the splash improved.

Non penetrative hit on vehicles improved with new effect.

Smoke screen not as effected by wind to prevent the ugly effect that used to be produced by the default game. The "streaking cotton ball effect" no longer occurs.

Vehicle destruction redone. Tanks smoke for even longer (by popular demand:) and now produce a burning flame effect as well as a new smoke effect. Very large changes have been made here since V1.2.

Tweaks to most other particle effects, including the exhaust and dust produced by vehicles ect.

The reassignment of many effects within the mods to better represent what they should portray.


Over 65 never before released sounds in a completely new soundpack. Included are many more small arms sounds for infantry to use than has ever been done before, 25+.


Those changes apply to all of the following versions. All the particle effects have been updated in these ways as well as my new universal effects added (Tracer-Stray, Exhaust, etc). These are the changes within the individual versions.

>>PE SE<<


>>Full Monty<<




>>Snow Night Mod<<

PP2 version is compatible for Day/Summer use, FLASH compatible for Night Summer use.


Flamethrower and Flamethrower Impact added.

>>Monty Vs Rommel<<

Off Road dust is very large for the desert. The water effects have also been replaced with more appropriate dust ones. Vegetation effects replaced with dust.


The major changes from the other versions is that the Building Debris is more wood than stones and brick to better match the Russian buildings. Also because of the telephone poles behaving as trees and thus producing leaves the leaf effect has been replaced by a brown rather than green one that works as dust for these objects. SturmTiger Muzzle-Blast effect added.




This is an Add-On for PP2, S/N, Full Monty, and PESE. It adds Muzzle-Flashes to all guns when they fire.


This version of FLASH is an Add-On for PP2, S/N, OstPak, Full Monty, and PESE. It adds Muzzle-Flashes to all guns when they fire as well as adding winter terrain effects.


This version of FLASH is an Add-On for Monty Vs Rommel and Torch. It adds Muzzle-Flashes to all guns when they fire.


This version of FLASH is an Add-On for OstPak. It adds Muzzle-Flashes to all guns when they fire.


This is an Add-On for PP2, S/N, OstPak, Full Monty, and PESE. It adds Winter terrain effects.



1.0 First release June 12th 2001 ; Blanket changes made to practically every particle effect in the game for all available mods ; In production for almost as long as the particle editor had been available ; Released 6/12/01

1.1 Improved Exhaust ; Britpack version no longer needs additional CSV file ; Several adjustments to various effects ; Added Version Changes Doc; Released

1.2 Improved Muzzle-Blast effects considerably also improved their appearance at higher resolutions ; Improved explosion effects to make them individually more varied in appearance and improved them to be look better at higher resolutions ; Flamethrower Burn now delayed to wait for the Flamethrower Spray ; Several adjustments to various effects ; Added Ostpack version; Released

1.3 Removed "EXTRA" folder with master effects; Many adjustments to effects taken from V2.0 Full;

2.O* BETA was released for public testing so that any minor problems could be found; Txema discovered that I had inadvertently included a few stereo sounds in the soundpack ; Released 9/3/01

V2.0 Blanket changes made to almost every particle effect since last full release version ; CSV changes made to all mods so additional sound and particle effects could be added *SEE ABOVE FOR FULL LIST* ; New Soundpack included (58 files); New desktop icons added; Several new docs added; Mod made self-installing and very easy to use; Full Monty updated to 4F ; PE SE version added ; Released 11/6/01

2.1* BETA was released for OstPak first for testing. MajorD discovered the cause of the Instant Action freezes with certain mod versions as well as the OstPak's Berezov scenario. I have fixed the problem now. ; Released 1/14/02

V2.1 Added updated documents ; Updated BRIT44 to newest version ; Torch version added ; Updated Ostpack to newest version ; Updated MvsR to newest version ; AP effects redone ; vehicle KO redone ; Muzzle-Blasts given lingering residue after larger guns fire ; FLASH versions added which add muzzle-flashes created for guns to use at night ; Snow improved to use smaller flakes ; Color of dirt chuncks darkened ; New effects and sounds added for Very small AP, Very Small HE, Quad 20mil impact, and X-large Rocket HE ; Mortar HE redone ; Numerous tweaks to the other effects ; Several sounds added and others replaced in the soundpack ; Released 6/20/02

V2.2 Added debris to larger AP and HE impacts ; Ricochet redone ; Water terrain effect redone ; Smokescreen redone ; Added FLASH mod ; Added WINTER mod ; Changed 2 and added 7 new sounds to the soundpack ; Updated documents ; OstPak updated to newest version ; MvsR updated to newest version ; Released 8/29/02