Multi-Player stability depends on file compatibility. It is important that all players use the same version of the game being played.
The PEDG Multi-Player forum is the best resource to answer questions about PE Multi-Play on XP or Vista.

PP2x Sound Mod:    (387.1 Megs)
Replaces and updates most of the sounds found in PP2x. Unique, authentic movement and weapon sounds for the prominant tanks.
Extract contents to the Panzer Elite \Mods folder.
Enable with mod_enabler after PP2-X mod has been enabled.
3D control recommended settings - disable EAX and leave sound settings at default.

Panzer Elite Special Edition 1.2 Mods:

Panzer Pack 2     (7 Megs)
The legendary sub-set of Snow/Night Mod by Lars and Erik Lenort.  Panzer Pack 2 is the standard mod for Panzer Elite 1.2 Multi-Player.
It has always proven to be the most stable of all the mods when playing multi-player. 
This is a self installing mod.
You will find Panzer Pack 2 listed in your mod enabler after installation.

Multi-Player Ammo Loads       (63Kb)
This small mod will adjust the ammo loads of any PE 1.2 mod to eliminate High Explosives.  Since there are no infantry in multi-Player,there is no real need for HE.
This is a self installing mod.
You will find Multi-Player Ammo Loads listed in your mod enabler after installation.
This mod should be enabled after the mod you wish to play in Multi-Player.

Multi-Player Goodies:

  British Kali Icons
Divisional insignias for use in Kali

Gridded Maps
original game maps with a grid overlay 
  Normandy maps
  Italy maps
  Desert maps


MP.jpg (77Kb)