"Panzer Elite(c) is a trademark of Jowood Productions Software AG. Used with permission"

PE-X is a game engine improvement project to advance all aspects of Panzer Elite.

PE-X Forum

PE-X Release Version 1.03 full install   (137 megs)
This is a self installing mod.
You will find PEX listed in your mod enabler after installation.
Unlike the beta, PE-X maintains the original US vs Germany campaign.
If you encounter stability issues, set Panzer Elite to run in windows 98 compatibility mode

PE-X patch 1.03 for English and German versions  (1.97 megs)
This is a self installing patch.  Disable all mods before applying patch

Version Release 1.03 readme and modding manual   (1.70 megs)

NOTE: PE-X requires MicroSoft DirectX 9.0c.